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Are you ready to experience the benefits of mindfulness and relaxation?

Do you spend more time taking care of others than yourself?

Are you busy with limited opportunity to take time out and unwind?

Is it about time you did something for you?

Join the monthly Relaxation Class, or book your Reflexology appointment
Appointments and Classes are held in Reigate, near Dorking, East Surrey

Would you like to?
~ sleep better
~ concentrate more easily
~ think more clearly
~ problem-solve more effectively
~ feel more emotionally balanced (less anger, anxiety, frustration, tears)
~ have a sense of calm
~ reduce muscle tension
~ lower blood pressure
~ reduce aches & pains

Relaxation of body and mind is imperative for good health and the foundation of my sessions.

Need some you time, some calm or some good sleep?
Stress in any form, including simply being super busy, has a physical and emotional impact. It can leave you feeling really rather unlike yourself and not understanding why. It can affect your sleep, your general wellbeing and leave you feeling anxious and overwhelmed at simple, every day tasks. In the long term it can lead to illness and disease. Mindfulness, the ability to become aware of and focus on the present, is a state in which the body and mind can relax and heal. A bit of a buzz word at the moment but the benefits have been known about for thousands of years.

Want the ability to bounce back, no matter what life throws at you, to feel balanced despite your circumstances?
Sometimes you've just got to book in your time out. It has taken me a long time to learn that I will always prioritise the needs of others, especially my children, unless I have my self-care firmly scheduled in my diary. The thing is, if my cup is empty I cannot fill theirs up. You, too, might need to remember to fill your cup up, especially if you or someone you care about is going through a difficult time. Resilience is imperative for ongoing good health and mindfulness is a fabulous tool. You might achieve the state focusing on breathing exercises during a relaxation class or becoming aware of the sensations in your body as a result of having a reflexologist work on your feet.

Ideal for parents, carers and anyone looking for time out from a busy life or stressful circumstances.

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Why Combat Stress?
The ever increasing pressures at work and in day to day life mean people are moving from one stressful environment to another, becoming physically and/or emotionally exhausted and ill. While moderate stress challenges and boosts the immune system leading to improved health, the reality for many is that your stress response is activated at length with little or no respite during which the body can repair and strengthen.

"The best part of life is not just surviving, but thriving."
- Maya Angelou

Disillusioned with corporate life, striving for success and waiting for some 'end' point when I could start relaxing and enjoying life a little more, I started to question how else it could be. I became more and more aware that I wanted to do something that might make a positive difference to others, but wasn't sure what. Recalling my struggle with anxiety at University, where I had turned to Reflexology and found it helped me to sleep at night and balanced my emotions as well as, unexpectedly, alleviating a back/hip problem I'd had since mid-teens, I decided this was the direction to go in.

Since qualifying as a Reflexologist, I continue to be fascinated by it. I have attended a number of courses in Reflexology and other disciplines to further my knowledge and I have worked with a variety of clients over the years. These days, as a Mum myself, my Clients are predominantly women and often mothers.

The Relaxation class came into fruition at the end of 2016. A monthly check-in, a minimum amount of self-care. Even if you haven't had a chance since the last session, at least once a month you can take some time-out, assess where your body and mind are at and relax. Or, if you have time to do more, you might take the tools away with you and use them weekly or daily at home or at work.

Fully qualified and insured, I have a private practice in Woodhatch (five minutes from Central Reigate) and also work alongside a group of local Therapists at the Reigate Wellbeing Centre, a few minutes from the main high street. Reigate is in East Surrey, 10-15 mins from Dorking, Gatwick, Nutfield and Banstead. The Relaxation Class takes place at the Wellbeing Centre and Reflexology Appointments can be made at either location.

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